Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

The LITC program provides legal representation to low income taxpayers (income up to 250% of federal poverty level guidelines) who are involved in tax controversies with the Internal Revenue Service. Click HERE for the 2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines.  We are independent from the IRS. We can provide representation before the IRS including audits, tax collection disputes, court, and other issues for free or for a small fee.  If an individual’s native language is not English, we can provide multilingual information about taxpayer rights and responsibilities. We receive partial funding from the IRS by the LITC grant program and are not associated with the federal government.


We provide services to low income taxpayers living in the following counties: Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, DeSoto and Lee. We do not handle cases where the amount in controversy is greater than $50,000. Clients must also meet certain financial eligibility criteria. We will evaluate each taxpayer's situation individually to determine eligibility.


We do not provide tax preparation services unless it is ancillary to a case in which we are already representing the client.

We provide the following services to eligible taxpayers:

·       Respond to letters from the IRS
·       Substantiate income tax credits and deductions
·       Assist with audits/examinations
·       Innocent spouse relief
·       Injured spouse claims
·       IRS levies and liens
·       Offer in Compromise
·       Currently not collectible status
·       Installment agreements
·       Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
·       Tax Court representation

 Call 727-821-0726 or 1-800-230-5920 for an appointment.